Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 3,2010

Wow! It is Feb. 3rd already and I am realizing that I am already off track to accomplish my stated goal of completing UFOs this year. So it is time to get back in the groove. This little one block CQ is a pet project of mine that I started last year and then set aside. I needed a break for inspiration and I was unhappy with the ship's masts. I have deconstructed part of that and now I would like for all of you crazy quilters to take a look and give me some input.
For now, I plan to get back to work on 2 sane quilting projects. I am about 2/3 finished with the hand quilting on an applique quilt for my daughter and I'm very close to finishing all of the paper pieced blocks for my granddaughter's quilt. My mantra is going to be--one hour a day, one hour a day......


  1. HEy Chris, Maybe if you google shipwrecks and see how they look for real, you can figure out how to make YOur masts look better. Gggrin! Then, my little wee mind said...maybe just a new bra would help but that's just me. Gggrin! Sorry, sorry! GGGGrin again!