Friday, April 9, 2010

Back in the saddle again

No pictures to post today, but I am definitely getting my quilt/groove thing going again. It feels great to have the needle and thread back in hand. I'm not back on track to finish one project a month yet, but I am happily quilting again. I have always been a fan of having several projects going so that if I get bored or frustrated with one, I can put it aside for a time and work on something else. However--I have gone overboard recently and now I am under strict self-imposed rules to finish at least a few of these before I start anything new. I would welcome any suggestions from like-minded people out there as to how they keep those UFOs under control. I thought I would start by listing all of my unfinished projects and then prioritizing them. Maybe if I looked at the list in black and white, I could shame myself into sticking with the plan? LOL. We'll see. I am determined to reeeaaallly try this time! Enough for today. Time to actually do some quilting.

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